Hope Baptist Church agrees with The Abstract of Principles (1858) which is a summary of the Second London Baptist Confession (1689)


Briefly stated, we are committed to teaching and preaching:


  • The inspiration, infallibility, and sufficiency of Scripture
  • The triune nature of God and the deity of Jesus Christ
  • God’s sovereign grace in election
  • The total depravity of man
  • The substitutionary, atoning death of Jesus Christ
  • The new birth as the sole work of the Holy Spirit
  • The necessity of repentance and faith in conversion
  • Justification by imputed righteousness
  • Sanctification and the perseverance of the saints
  • Believer’s baptism and the Lord’s Supper as church ordinances


For more information, click here to view the 1859 Abstract of Principles or contact Bro Scott Smith at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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